New Video # 2

New video by 2toon... Here it is

New Video

Here is a brand new video made by 2toon. "Ilchul" is a composition by Victor Michaud featured on our new album (release date april 2016)

Live Videos

Live videos from our last show in Paris avaiable on Youtube and our Video Page


서곡 - SEOGOK live

Seogok (서곡) live @ Studio de l'Ermitage (Paris - October 2015)

This unreleased track will be featured on our next album. The arrangement is based on two Bae Ho songs instrumental introductions. The songs are: "기타에 노래싣고 (Music in the Guitar)" and "생일없는 소년 (The Boy With No Birthday)".

Baeshi Bang compilation

Paris DJ's label asked Etienne to propose a compilation of vintage k-pop. Here it is : (free dowload) - enjoy !