The Parisian quintet Baeshi Bang was initially created to revisit the repertoire of singer Bae Ho, famous Korean crooner of the 60s. After a first unanimously acclaimed album (Telerama, Liberation, Songlines ...) and over concerts in France and in Korea, the group has gradually become in the mind of its creator, Etienne de la Sayette, "a machine for exploring Korean music". Baeshi Bang recently left aside the repertoire of Bae Ho to focus on the multiple forms of traditional Korean singing and collaborate with Korean musicians, such as singers and percussionists of the Ip Koa Son collective, based in Seoul.

Line Up :

Etienne de la Sayette: saxophone, flute, mbira
Victor Michaud: mellophone, electronic organ
François Chesnel: piano
Loïc Réchard: giutar
Stefano Lucchini: drums
Pierre Dachery : sound